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A way to eliminate poverty through formal vocation training for vulnerable Haitian youth - particularly girls.

The average girl in Haiti only attends school until the age of 7. Cultural and economic barriers keep young Haitian girls from pursuing higher education and thus the ability to obtain a well paying job that can support themselves and their families. Haitian girls who do not have access to education are more likely to be poor, affected by violence, and have more children. For those women who do find work, they receive lower wages than men, work more in the informal sector without social security and are less represented in formal employment.


Opening up more potential sources of employment and income for Haitian girls is a critical step in raising both themselves and the country out of extreme poverty. D2C is developing a Sewing Life Skills Project as a way to eliminate poverty through formal vocation training. Having the ability to sew and create basic in-demand clothing items like school uniforms can offer girls (and boys) a reliable profession and source of income. It will promote a sense of pride and accomplishment as well as empower our youth to become future entrepreneurs and business owners.  


This is a new initiative by D2C and we are seeking funding and in-kind donations to get the Sewing Life Skills Project running. This includes:


  • 4 Treadle sewing machines (It is important that the machines are treadle and not electric due to unreliable electricity access in the country) @ $300 each

  • Fabrics @ $200

  • 4 sets of tools (scissors, measuring tape, patterns) @ $25 each


Please help the children and youth of Haiti create new paths for themselves and lead the next generation towards a more prosperous future! 


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